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Bath and West Finance Limited

Founded in 2013



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Originally established in 2013 with a focus on providing lending solutions to property professionals in the South West of England, Bath & West will now lend right across England and Wales. They are a privately owned principal lender with a strong, established reputation and a growing team of highly experienced short-term lending industry professionals. The experience within the team allows them to make fast decisions and to offer an impressive level of flexibility, even on the most complex and unusual cases. Bath & West are equally happy to consider standard short-term bridging loans, development finance, funding for a refurbishment project or indeed for an auction purchase. They have built their business around making the process of bridge lending as fast, smooth, and seamless as possible. They can make immediate decisions over the phone and provide funding, when required, in a matter of days. The team at Bath & West see bridging loans as an invaluable tool in a property investors armoury. They recognise the value in unmodernised and unmortgageable properties and their products are designed to allow investors to realise full value on both residential and semi-commercial properties prior to sale or refinance. So far as auction purchases are concerned, they will ensure funds are available to meet the tight timescales imposed by an auction purchase. Finally, their extensive experience in the development sector ensures that their products are designed to give developers certainty of cash flow and the peace of mind that comes with this.

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