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2 years ago

Zapaygo STO

Article about Zapaygo STO

Zapaygo Investments Ltd. (the “Company”) was formed to develop an innovative digital platform (“Zapaygo”) which, through a free mobile application, places a menu of goods or services and a pre-order, instant payment terminal in the hands of every customer. The Zapaygo app is designed to make transactions easier for consumers and more efficient for merchants. We intend to become the market-leading mobile ordering and payment platform in the sports, leisure and hospitality sectors. 

We have entered into an exclusive 10-year partnership with the NEC Group, the UK’s leading live events business operating exhibitions, conferences, music & sports events, family entertainment and hospitality. The NEC Group has 7m + annual visitors with a market reach of 41 million people within a four-hour drive. The NEC Group will promote Zapaygo, as a means of driving venue revenues. 

We have entered into an exclusive rolling partnership with Verteda EPOS which has 9,000 EPOS units installed at the majority of the UK sports & music venues. Verteda has approximately 1m weekly transactions, each an opportunity to convert a consumer into a Zapaygo user. 

In addition, we have entered into a partnership with a MSL Solutions, a global software provider of hosted, SaaS and on-site deployed solutions for connecting all aspects of a business from the point of sale and club membership to marketing and financial activities. MSL operates in 21 countries. 

We believe our partner-led strategy will accelerate user acquisition and the Zapaygo installed-venue footprint. This strategy is key to our success and planned expansion into other sectors and countries. 

There are more than 120,000 on-trade venues in the UK, generating an estimated £27 billion turnover in wet sales alone. We believe this market is underserved and that we are uniquely positioned to execute on this opportunity. 

The Zapaygo mobile application is simple to use and reduces transaction time. In addition to instant payments, the app allows a user to pre-order, re-order, pre-pay and avoid queuing. Merchants and venue operators can use the data collected to analyze consumer behavior and promote relevant products. 

We believe the secular trend of chains creating consumer applications is positive, and indicates the market will be receptive to Zapaygo as we roll out. 

Approximately 50% of Starbucks orders in the US are via the Starbucks App and others include, Costa, Wetherspoon, Ember Inns.

We intend to aggregate existing consumer pre-order applications in the market today, in a manner similar to how hotels.com and booking.com have simplified the hotel booking and management industry. 

Why have hundreds of venue apps when you can have one? 

Imagine the Starbucks coffee app, but you can use it anywhere.


The Zapaygo platform was conceived of and developed by a team of entrepreneurs with broad experience in mobile ordering, mobile and electronic commerce, hospitality food and beverage and technology. Our goal was to develop and commercialize a mobile ordering payment and loyalty platform that would improve the way consumers and merchants interact across a broad range of retail environments.

Multiple merchants have been signed up as early adopters, and the Zapaygo app is poised for rapid roll-out with a platform that has been rigorously tested and is ready for marketization. 

Zapaygo's STO.

There are only 200 units of tokens being sold.

Zapaygo will be offering up to USD $4,880,000 (£ 4,000,000) through the sale of up to 200 units to Accredited Investors, as that term is defined in Rule 501 (17 CFR §230.501) of Regulation D promulgated under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (“Securities Act”), and in offshore transactions to persons other than “U.S. Persons” (as defined in Regulation S under the Securities Act) in reliance upon Regulation S under the Securities Act. Each unit is USD $24,440 (£ 20,000) and consists of 166,667 security tokens.

Link for further information on Zapaygo and the investment offering.
https://companies.dlbx.io/zapaygo/ (free, easy sign up).

Link to presentation:

Link to product video:

Link to recent pitch in Sydney:

You can also register your interest here, tokensales@zapaygo.com

Many thanks for your interest,

Team Zapaygo

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