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Felix Fernandez

CEO at OpenMetrics Solutions LLC
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Manager and senior business consultant with profound experience in finance and consulting across different organizations and areas with a long track record in the exchange business, experienced in leadership and management. Entrepreneurial spirit and engaged in academic research and technology enthusiast. Nowadays, engaged in shaping the technology landscape for advanced financial engineering.

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Felix Fernandez activities: CEO

Felix Fernandez

2 years ago

“Don’t Panic” - Or, how to navigate through choppy financial markets.

Article about “Don’t Panic” - Or, how to navigate through choppy financial markets.

Currently, the media is full of different views about an upcoming market crash. Every day you may read about recent trends, new interpretations and predictions in which direction the markets should go – or not go. Probably, we should remind ourselves that:

  • Panic driven actions are never a good strategy
  •  Until today still nobody can predict the market
  •  Severe market crises do not necessarily announce itself
  •  Market crises do not follow any specific time pattern

In this short paper we propose to stay calmed during choppy markets, focus on measurable facts and follow well tested processes. This paper can be downloaded via: https://lnkd.in/dhM8ddF If you like to learn more about our technologies and services, just send us an email to: contact@openmetrics.ch or visit: www.openmetrics.ch.