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Graphology Solutions Group

Self owned; Founded in 2008
1 - 5 employees



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Graphology Solutions Group is active on international markets since 2008 and it provides Leadership Development Programs, Leadership Competencies Audit, Leaders’ Selection Processes with application of Graphological Analysis and other scientific methods for the Leaders and Individuals dedicated to their personal growth and its wonders. The uniqueness of Graphological Analysis applied as a diagnostic method in consultancies offered by Graphology Solutions, an application of current scientific findings in them as well as incorporation of sound rules of wealth and success in our services constitute the qualities that distinguish Graphology Solutions Group amongst other companies. Leadership Development Programs offered by Graphology Solutions Group are exclusively designed for the leaders to bring them desired success. Competence diagnostic methods and assessments applied at the initial stage of Leadership Development Programs broaden the leaders' self-awareness, engagement and their satisfaction of development processes. They accurately diagnose a potential and competencies of the leaders. Assessments used at the final stage of the development programs verify effectiveness and sustainability of leaders’ transformational change. The application of assessments in Leadership Development Programs is an option for leaders, however highly recommended. Leadership Development Program proposed by Graphology Solutions Group provide both value and results for the leaders.

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