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Medical Center Vilafortuny SL

Partnership; Founded in 2021
1 - 5 employees



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Medical Center Vilafortuny S.L. On the Spanish Mediterranean coast, south of Barcelona, a very interesting project is soon to be built, comprising: 1. a medical centre with an international reputation and worldwide prestige, 2. an international congress centre, 3. a private medical university, 4. absolutely discreet and protected from paparazzi, luxurious accommodation for our public patients. In this modern clinic complex called "Academic Medical Center Vilafortuny", wealthy patients of both Spanish and non-Spanish origin are treated. The latter target group includes in particular wealthy EU citizens, Swiss, British, Russians, Arabs and Asians who have their primary or secondary residence in Spain on the Mediterranean or who travel worldwide to be picked up by our chauffeur and brought to us absolutely discreetly. The Academic Medical Centre Vilafortuny offers a very comprehensive range of treatments as well as a top-class team of professors and doctors, mainly from Germany, Austria, Russia and Switzerland. The aim of this project is to guarantee a feel-good atmosphere and to maintain the synergy of holiday feelings on the Mediterranean with the best medical excellence. Our patients can fully enjoy their anonymity and discretion during their stay at our centre. The project is also absolutely unique because of the establishment of an international private medical university as well as an international congress centre! Besides its exclusivity in the medical and academic fields, this project will also be extremely lucrative. A profit surplus of 2 million euros in the first year to 12 million euros in the fourth year can be expected. For the completion of the project, we still need one or more investors who will preferably provide us with a loan that can be secured on a first-rank basis in the land register of the properties.

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