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Meher Beverages Pvt Ltd

Privately held; Founded in 2015
11 – 50 employees



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Meher Beverages, incorporated in Ireland, started its R&D in the year 2015 and came out with the WORLD’s FIRST FUNCTIONAL (NUTRACEUTICAL) WATER BASED DRINKS.  After over 3.5 years in R&D, 6 different water-based products (waters) and variants for Therapeutic use (Shots) that are clinically proven and patented ingredients were developed. These beverages are a result of our impassioned exploration, relentless research to bring to the world what nature holds in itself for our healthy living. We are committed to enabling a more healthy life for our consumers with our peppy and revitalizing drinks. We understood the choice, values, health and well-being preferences of the consumers and our functional drinks are full of health benefits with exceptional sensory attributes. Our drinks are a perfect blend of goodness, health and taste to satisfy the consumer, make them feel energized. What we offer are not just drinks, but flavorful happiness in bottles in multiple flavours consumers would love to indulge in. Wide Range of Innovative Products - Something for everyone 1) Happy destress water-Stress management water for all. 2) Slimline - Weight management water for Women 3) Slim fit - Weight management water for Men 4) Protein-Protein management water for all 5) Promind - Brain management water especially for Kids 6) Glow well - Beauty management water for all Our products have the following unique characteristics: Beverages for all ages Flavours that last longer Absolutely no harmful ingredients Zero Sugars Zero Sweeteners Accessibility (energy drink, herbal drink, sports drink) Compatibility with shots No competitors in the world. Patented ingredients.

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