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Moshe Stahl

Self owned; Founded in 2006
1 - 5 employees



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American painter Moshe Stahl is born in New York. In the course of his career, Moshe Stahl had explored and expressed different ways of creating. Oil painting on canvas has become his medium of choice. Also, it is a journey that he is still enjoying today, as everyday is an inspiration! The oil paintings of Moshe Stahl depict this painter’s intense fascination with light and atmosphere. Stahl is constantly striving to capture depth and dimension in his oil artworks, along with accuracy and light. His true passion is working from life, whether it’s outside painting a landscape, or in studio, painting fresh flowers or working with a model. In his two decades as a full-time professional artist, Moshe Stahl has won many top awards in some of the most important organizations and exhibitions in the country and is part of entertainment/celebrity and museum collections. Moshe Stahl had passion for painting since an early age. At the age of eight, Moshe was introduced to acrylic paints and took an interest in painting on ceramics.

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