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Next Starter AI

Self owned; Founded in 2024
1 - 5 employees



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Next Starter is a boilerplate that contains everything for developing your AI, SaaS, AI tool or any other web application and allows you to transform your idea into a product. For tasks that take up your time, such as authenticating users, Next Js boilerplate with stripe and lemon squeeze payment integration with supabase, integrating AI tools, and sending emails quickly, Next Starter AI provides you with the basic code to start them quickly. Save your time from all the boring stuff, such as API setup, customer support, and more. In addition, we have created marketing guides specifically for you to accelerate the marketing process of your product. This marketing guide, which is complete and ready for use, speeds up your marketing efforts and helps you make your first sale within days. It includes websites for backlinks, startup directories, and guest blog posts. Furthermore, you don't have to worry about what to do in the field of marketing. We have made marketing easy for you. With these guides, you can easily start earning money by marketing your product in a short time.

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