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Norman Alex

Partnership; Founded in 1998
6 – 10 employees



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Norman Alex is an international consulting boutique providing executive search and corporate development services. Established in 1997 in Monaco, we have offices in Geneva, Paris, Luxembourg and Miami as well as partners in Dubai and Singapore. We have the experience and global reach to help our clients develop their activities in most major markets. Our company has three specialized departments: 1) financial services 2) executive search 3) corporate development. Within each business practice, we offer tailor-made solutions for companies looking to grow through recruitment, acquisition, merger or strategic alliance. In recent times, the world has become smaller yet more complex. Norman Alex helps our clients and candidates understand the impact of globalization, technology, regulatory changes, and other major trends in order to submit to them. The secret to any successful business is people yet this is often overlooked when a company is developing internally or externally. Recruitment processes and acquisitions usually fail for human rather technical reasons and our emphasis on the “human dimension” as well as more specialised skills ensures as much as possible that your growth is controlled and successful. People are the most important function in any business, the quality of the team is the only differentiating factor. Norman Alex enables you to identify and nurture the best talent to keep ahead of the competition.

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