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Rafi Toledano

Privately held
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Rafi Toledano, who entered the real estate industry in 2009, during a time of economic crisis, was driven by ambition and determination to succeed. He found success at Weissman Real Estate, which was a small firm focused only on residential rentals and sales. After leaving Weissman Real Estate, Rafi Toledano became successful in the real estate industry by focusing on residential rentals and sales. Successful people often achieve great things by their determination. Rafi Toledano is an excellent example of this! He has not only won wealth and privilege, but he has also been given the opportunity to help others in many ways. In addition to his philanthropic endeavors, which include donation work and helping the less fortunate, Rafael is a sponsor of food pantries and shelters in the East Village. Rafi Toledano also supports and maintains the Creative Little Garden - an oasis of tranquility in the East Village where guests can just sit down and relax. In addition, Teens-at-Risk are a pandemic problem and NY isn't immune to it. Project Extreme is an organization that helps teens who have negative outcomes from their lives. This organization is directly supported by Rafi Toledano.

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