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Rotella Capital Management

Privately held; Founded in 1995
11 – 50 employees



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Rotella Capital Management (“RCM”) was founded in 1995. RCM is built on the vision of Robert Rotella, one of the early pioneers in bringing a purely systematic approach to investing in the futures space. RCM has built on that deep experience to create multiple futures and securities strategies. Today, Jagdeesh Prakasam is CEO, and RCM’s programs are overseen by Rotella’s research team. They are supported by a dedicated team of highly skilled researchers, comprised of members with diverse educational backgrounds who have advanced degrees in physics, engineering, mathematics and financial engineering. The research team has extensive experience building sophisticated investment products in both the futures and securities spaces. The ideas used in these programs are an eclectic combination of ideas from across the scientific spectrum which includes machine learning based ideas. The diversity of backgrounds on our team creates a catalyst for new idea generation and supports the drive to provide superior, risk-adjusted returns.

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