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Samuel Waldman

Educational; Founded in 2000
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Rabbi Samuel Waldman has had a diverse career in religious education. In his beginning, he was indoctrinated with the teachings of Horav Hagoan Rabbi Avigdor Miller ZT"L. He also continued to learn from Rav Don Segal shlit"a. After 2 years in the Kollel, he indeed became the Mashgiach of the High School. He started off his married life learning in the Kollel of Mirrer Yeshiva. After 4 years in Mirrer Yeshiva Kollel, he was invited to join the Kollel of the Yeshiva Mercaz Hatorah of Belle Harbor at the time run by Rabbi Levi Dicker zt"l and Rabbi Chaim Zelikovitz Shlit"a. Rabbi Waldman taught 4th and 7th grade for 11 years at a Jewish elementary school in Queens, NY. He also taught in the summers at different camps over many years. Rabbi Waldman had a profound effect on his students through his lectures and sefer teachings that he imparted to them throughout these various locations, including Camp Dora Golding over several decades. Rabbi Waldman is in the process of finishing up a Sefer that talks about prayer - what it means to Orthodox Jews when they spend so much time in prayer every day as well as how we are supposed to accomplish our tasks by spending all this time praying.

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