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Save Our Planet Refillery

Privately held; Founded in 2018
1 - 5 employees



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Save Our Planet Refillery transforming distribution, new infrastructure with AI tech to remove packaging addressing the global plastic waste crisis, at the source. Selling patent SOP Systems to global industries, removing packaging increases profits. 4 Revenue streams, selling: 1) Products to commercial (main revenue) and retail convenient, 2) Franchises: 3) SOP Systems and 4) SOP Systems with Buildings Enabling reuse efficiency creates new consumer purchase power with consumers' desired containers: style & size with True Triple Bottom Line (TBL) smart sustainable savings: economically and environmentally. Creating SOP Refillery Showcase in Winnipeg, Canada 24/7 self-serve multi car drive-in refilling station with 100 dispensers for everyday brand products such as: cleaning, personal hygiene and more. Starting with non-edible liquid, powder, granular and small items then moving to edible liquid, powder, granular and small items. Patents approved: Canada, USA and Australia, Intl filing. Trademark is filed. High volume dispensing with the least amount of resources. The current working model 24/7 self-serve water refilling station is 17 years successful, SOP Refillery is upscaling with tech, wholesale system design with drive-in and walk-in building models. There is limitless upscale on technology, products and distribution. Video (1 minute) at working model: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfROLk9h4ng SOP Refillery will restore big box retail as the most sustainable process enabling reuse habits, online shopping is not sustainable however ideal for remote locations. Our lean disruption to supply chain, the most valuable at reducing carbon footprint is essential, not a trend. The next diamond unicorn is the venture that reduces global waste! SOP Refillery is addressing all 17 UN SDGs, deemed mission critical and urgent to address global plastic waste crisis. Predicted acquisition within 3 years from several channels: waste, wholesale, plastic, online shopping,

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