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Stone Creek Global

Privately held
51 – 200 employees



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Stone Creek Global a stock loan company that has been lending with integrity for over a decade. We give loans to stock owners, using only their stock as collateral. This means that you are not personally liable for your loans. It also means that we do not conduct personal credit or income reviews, neither are your personal or business tax returns required, to qualify you for a loan. Only your stock is what qualifies you for an SCG loan and you can get up to 70% of your stock value as your loan amount. The process is fast-it takes less than 2 weeks to get our loans processed and disbursed. Our fixed interest rate is also very cheap. Stone Creek Global’s stock loans help entrepreneurs, governments, companies and corporations in realizing their growth ambitions. Soon, those with access to liquidity are going to be royalty because cash is going to be needed to set so many things aright. Why not place yourself and your business in an advantageous position by being prepared for any eventualities? Presently, SCG is capable of granting loans up to the tune of US$1 billion. Eligible securities include stocks, penny stocks, credit worthy bonds and ETFs and other marketable securities. We lend against securities traded on most domestic and foreign exchange.

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