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The Bag - Business advisory group

Founded in 2021
6 – 10 employees



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Bag was created out of necessity to build an ecosystem with strong resources and expertise, to enable the business leaders and the business community spread across the world, navigate the rapidly changing landscape. The core message which the team at Bag is trying to address is “ Eventually Everything Fails “, which also includes businesses and the optimum performance level of a business leader. Economic model as well as business model, all have a shelf life, and overtime, great companies with strong businesses could sleep walk into irrelevance. It has happened before, and it is already happening to the best companies of today. That’s a natural process. So the question Bag asks is, what is one doing to stay relevant and prolong their existence for as long as possible. And the answer isn’t simple. It is not about a one size fit all process or system, but a continued effort that evolves with time. That is where Bag is focused. TO CREATE A CLOSE-KNIT EXCLUSIVE SYSTEM THAT EMPOWERS BUSINESS OWNERS & LEADERS AND HELPS THEM TAKE BETTER DECISIONS, IMPROVE BUSINESS EFFICIENCY AND WORK STRESS- FREE

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