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Troop Messenger

Public company; Founded in 2017
51 – 200 employees



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Switzerland, Germany, France, United Kingdom, United States

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Troop Messenger is perfect and easy to use office messaging tool with seamless UI and UX. The features and their functionalities are well crafted across the application making the learning curve simple even for a novice user. It offers a wide range of features such as one-on-one messaging, group conversations, file previews, voice-video calls, screen share, Burnout, Forkout,etc., to deliver uninterrupted work-flows. It has been designed as a freemium pricing business model to suit the business enterprises of all forms and sizes ranging from small, medium, large and Government. The business users who register for free trial can experience the features of Enterprise edition for the first 30 days. Each corporate workplace needs excellent communication and collaboration tool to always stay connected with each other. Troop Messenger is one such business communication software which makes teams work better with its powerful feature stack. It makes teams stay connected round the clock across the platforms of Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. One of the best SaaS-based freemium business model applications available in any of your web browsers. It provides the delivery options of Self-Hosting, Custom App, and APIs to serve diverse industry needs. Where ever you are across the globe, just simply login to your web app, desktop app or mobile app with your credentials to collaborate with your co-workers and access work.


Asloob Alam activities: Mid-senior level, , Business Development/Sales, Sr. Digital Marketing Analyst, Owner
Asloob Alam
Sr. Digital Marketing Analyst

Vrushanjali Thippabathula activities: Digital marketing analyst
Vrushanjali Thippabathula
Digital marketing analyst

Rasmi Ranjan activities: , , , , Digital marketing analyst
Rasmi Ranjan
Digital marketing analyst

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