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There are no other requests for proposal from Uniplaces

Investor profile

Investor type

Investing in own interest and as investment consultant

Investment interests

Asset class

Private capital

Investment focus

  • Not relevant/no specific focus
  • Sustainable Investing
  • Negative Screening (SRI Exclusion Criteria)
  • Social (with SRI exclusion criteria)
  • Environmental (with SRI exclusion criteria)
  • Sustainable with ESG measures
  • Miscellaneous in sustainability
  • Impact Investment
  • Medical Research
  • Employment Generation
  • Access to Basic Services
  • Access to Finance
  • Sustainable Consumer Products
  • Green Technology/Cleantech
  • Environmental Markets and Sustainable Real Assets
  • Thematic Investments
  • Strategy (Outcome-Oriented)
  • Risk-Based
  • Return-Based
  • Efficient Portfolios
  • Underlying Company Focus
  • Market Cap Focus
  • Quality Factors
  • Enhanced Indexing
  • Dynamic Indexing

Considered legal/investment requirements

The investment should be available for

Qualified/accredited investor from: Switzerland


Both possible


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