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Oct 13, 2021

Axie Infinity Clone Script is a web coding to create an NFT gaming platform just like the famous NFT game - Axie Infinity. This clone script will help you build an attractive UI design similar to Axie Infinity and it can also be made functionable on several blockchain networks like Ethereum, TRON, Binance Smart Chain, etc.


How Axie Infinity Clone Script Works?


Every digital pet (i.e) Axie is unique and is represented by an NFT based on ERC721 token standard. The potential of each Axie can be considered by analyzing the below mentioned factors.


1) Health

2) Morale

3) Skill

4) Speed


These categories plays an important role in the assessment of an Axie like its battling speed, recovering capacity and the damages it can make etc.


Another major factor is the Axie’s body features. The below mentioned body parts would have a great influence when it comes to the performance of Axie in a battlefield.


i) Eyes

ii) Ears

iii) Horns

iv) Mouth

v) Tail

vi) Back


Why Create NFT Gaming like Axie Infinity?


Among the several online games, Axie Infinity is distinctive due to its rapid growth. In the month of August-2021, Axie Infinity has generated approximately $364M which is its highest revenue since its launch. And also there is a statement in the market that Axie Infinity has about 1M active users daily.


While looking upon these above facts, it is obvious that it would be a great investment option to get involved. If you are planning to launch an NFT gaming platform just like Axie Infinity, then get in touch with Security Tokenizer. With out Axie Infinity Clone Script, you can launch your successful NFT gaming platform with ease.

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