In the Post-Pandemic World, Office Cleaning Matters

Article about In the Post-Pandemic World, Office Cleaning Matters

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Sep 29, 2021

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, people are understandably uneasy, and clean surroundings at work help give them peace of mind. It's why in places hard hit by the pandemic initially like Manhattan, NYC office cleaning services have never been in greater demand. They're being called upon to raise the bar for commercial cleaning services and provide a higher level of cleanliness. It includes disinfecting in more areas of the office and doing it more frequently. While outstanding office cleaning has always had a morale-boosting effect, it's even more pronounced today. People want a spotless workplace interior.


While the current emphasis for cleaning has been on virus-killing because of COVID-19, dust and dust mite eradication has other health benefits. It is increasingly emphasized in commercial cleaning because allergy and asthma sufferers need to breathe more easily while at work. At first, you may think of home cleaning when you hear about dusting, but it's also essential at the office. HEPA-filtration vacuuming equipment that filters particles down to five microns in size is the industry standard these days. Better cleaning services have the proper vacuums and know how to reduce dust at your office vastly.


As the medical community through the media continues to make clear that coronavirus transmission is most often through the air, maintaining and improving HVAC filters is also essential. A multi-pronged effort is required to help make a safe office environment for all who work there and visit. It continues to be good practice to disinfect high-traffic areas with shared touchpoints. These include elevators and entryways, reception areas, halls, lunchrooms, and conference and meeting facilities. With mandatory vaccination requirements becoming more widespread, it all will work together.


When clients visit your office, it's hard to predict what they will notice or focus on. But the one sure thing is that you need to continue making a good impression. Tidiness goes hand in hand with office cleaning, and if you have clutter in any visible areas, it's time to put things away and become better organized. If your conference rooms and window ledges have become informal storage areas, cleaning them off will make a difference immediately. Neater offices are also easier to clean, and when your office janitorial service can be more efficient, it improves effectiveness and lowers costs.




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