Post-Pandemic, Office Cleaning Stays in the Spotlight

Article about Post-Pandemic, Office Cleaning Stays in the Spotlight

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Nov 23, 2021

Cleaning stays in the spotlight at most offices as more people are vaccinated and return to work in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. New York City was an early hot spot, and office cleaning companies in NYC continue to improve their effectiveness at disinfecting and deep cleaning. They've been doing it all along at essential businesses that remained open and are bringing the service now to more offices. If you've been interviewing contractors to take over your office cleaning, ask about their disinfecting protocols. Most can offer added sanitizing service for common areas like reception desks and the like.


At the same time, as new protocols are added, the priority fundamentals need to be spot on. For example, floor care is one of the more noticeable aspects of clean offices. When people walk in, it makes an instant impression. If your office has expensive carpets or unique floors (marble, slate, stone), they must be maintained with expertise. Ordinary mopping or vacuuming can damage certain floor types, and your contractor needs to have the know-how to maintain them correctly. Improper maintenance can lead to costly restoration projects down the line, and no company needs to face such an expense.

Restroom cleaning is always a topic of conversation around an office, and you want your staff remarking favorably. New antimicrobial products do an excellent job of disinfecting fixtures, dispensers, floors, counters, and partitions in restrooms with fewer harsh odors. It's a big switch from the days when a product's smells lingered for hours after they were used. Because everyone touches restroom elements, they need to be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly and daily. When cleaning falls short, people notice right away, and it becomes a morale issue. Clients and guests also get impressions from clean restrooms.


Newer office cleaning methods like a team approach in favor of zone cleaning are helping janitorial services make efficiency gains as budgets remain tight and the needs increase. Teams can clean larger offices much more quickly than individuals working alone in zones. It's a clean sweep approach that moves office-wide, function by function. It's faster than a single person handling multiple tasks in a specified area. Along with better equipment and newer products, office cleaning has made many improvements in recent years. With the high cost of renovations, people want their offices to last.


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