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Dave Hannam activities: Co-founder
on the timeline of SharesInside AG

Sep 16, 2019

News is everywhere, real or fake. We have to take steps to ensure that what we read is coming from a reliable source and, even then, we must be extra careful to really think about what’s being said and how viable it is. The same goes for the news you want and need to keep your investments safe.

If you’ve been wishing for a place you can go, and I mean a single place, to keep in touch with the companies you’ve invested in, then SharesInside should be the next app you download.

SharesInside brings you the business news you need and gives you tools to automate how you see it. It provides an extension portfolio of companies from which to choose. All you have to do is go in and find the ones you are interested in, whether it’s because you’ve already invested in it or plan to. The app takes care of the rest, delivering the most up to date information about the company, how it’s in the news, what it’s been up to, and when and where events may be happening.

The download is for free and you can register using an email address or your LinkedIn profile. Once you get past this step, you are free to roam.

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