Understanding Abstract Art

Article about Understanding Abstract Art

Sep 10, 2021

Since its inception, abstract art has met with resistance from many people. Separated from material reality, unrelated to the motives of objects and the concrete appearance of things recognizable to the eye, it often confused and caused misunderstanding among the observer. The Huffington Post tackled this not-too-burning, but slow-moving problem — a misunderstanding of abstract art — and published a fun guide for beginners and their encounters with abstractions. 1. There is no code you need to penetrate Human beings look forward to problem solving. This feature is useful in many aspects of life, but the realm of abstract art is not one of them. Take a deep breath and get rid of the desire to add symbolic meaning to each brush stroke. Understanding art brings a sense of victory, and bathing in its mystery brings even more pleasure. 2. Do not look at the clock How long does it take to fully experience a work of art? The average time spent in front of a work of art in museums is about 30 seconds, and a true experience takes much more. Kitty Scott, Banff Center’s director of visual arts, links understanding artistic language to learning a foreign language. Over the years, you can look at 20 works and only then do you begin to understand them.

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Published: Sep 10, 2021