How Can Streamline Your Workflow

For maximum productivity and efficiency, it is highly crucial for you to focus on streamlining the routine workflow. This can be especially true if you are an employee who is responsible for extracting data from invoices, business documents, etc., and then updating it into the company’s database. 

Thankfully, due to the advancements in technology, there are numerous online tools available that will be excellent companions in streamlining the workflow. One such tool is which automatically extracts data from images or documents in no time. 

Whether you are a data entry specialist or an analyst, this AI tool can give a boost to the overall workflow in several ways. In this blog post, we are going to explain those ways in detail. – A Brief Overview

It is a freemium (available in both free and paid plans) AI-based tool that works on advanced OCR technology to quickly extract data from images, scanned or handwritten documents, PDFs, etc. in a machine-readable format. 

The machine-readable format means, the extracted data will be easily editable, copyable, reviewable, searchable, etc. So, you can quickly make changes to it according to your personal needs and preferences. To demonstrate its working in a better way, check out the image attached below. 

3 Ways Through Which Contributes to Streamlining Workflow

Below we have discussed some of the major ways through which can assist you in efficiently handling the data extraction process for streamlined workflow.  

  1. Automating the Text Extraction Process

This is obvious. For professionals, extracting data from images, documents, etc. manually will definitely require a significant amount of time and effort, ultimately damaging the overall workflow. 

Besides this, there will also be a chance of human error. For instance, the employee may forget to extract some details or make grammatical mistakes. These sorts of mistakes will not only cause disruptions in the workflow but also damage the employee’s professional reputation. 

Fortunately, has solved these issues by completely automating the data extraction process. 

It uses both Machine Learning and Optical Character Recognition algorithms to efficiently scan the information that the input image or document contains and then extract it in an editable form with 100% accuracy. This means, you just need to copy the extracted data and update it into the database in no time. 

  1. Offering Maximum Accessibility

For streamlined workflow, access to essential data or documents whenever needed is crucial. However, when the information is saved in hard-form documents or files only one or two employees can access it at once. This means other ones have to wait for their slot. This will definitely cause disruptions in the ongoing tasks. 

With the help of, both individuals and organizations can extract and save their essential data online such as Google Docs, or online notepads. This way, multiple employees can access saved data at once anytime, from anywhere. 

  1. Enhanced Storage 

Everyone knows that storing physical documents is quite a daunting task. This is because it requires purchasing separate storerooms and cupboards, wasting both valuable time and money. Not only this but finding the right documents or information in that physical storage can also be time-consuming. 

Thankfully, that will not be the case, if is used. Let us explain how. By extracting all the useful data from critical documents, and then saving it digitally in the cloud storage, saving valuable time that was previously being spent on handling bulk data physically.   

So, these are some of the major ways through which the image-to-text converter can contribute to streamlining the workflow. 

Notable Features of

There are multiple notable features of, some of the major ones are discussed below. 

  • Multiple Language: The tool can extract text in 23 different languages, this feature makes it a highly suitable option for worldwide users. 

  • Supports Multiple Image formats: It allows users to submit pictures for extraction in numerous formats. Those are PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, and many more.

  • Different File Upload Options: Apart from formats, it also supports different file upload options like drag & drop, paste URL, and upload from a local drive or Dropbox. 

  • Deal with Multiple Images at Once: If you are using it for free, then you can upload a maximum of 3 images at once for extraction. For paid users, the limit will be extended to 50 images – which is way more than enough.

  • Integration of other Tools: There are multiple other tools available such as JPG to Word converter, PDF to Text converter, and many more. All these will save you valuable time and effort for maximized workflow. 

  • Availability of Mobile Applications: also offers mobile applications for both Android and iPhone users.  

Final Words is an AI-based tool that uses OCR algorithms to automatically perform data extraction from images, and scanned documents. It has completely eliminated the need to manually devote time and effort to extracting data, resulting in enhanced workflow. Apart from this, there are multiple other ways as well that we have explained in this blog.

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