Sustainability In The Workplace: Choosing Environmentally-Friendly Office Furniture

Between the worsening global warming and increasingly eco-conscious consumers, businesses are pressured to implement sustainability into their operations. As employees return to the office post-pandemic, there’s a growing trend of adding sustainability to your office furniture choices. 

With the increasing demand for eco-friendly office furniture, finding a genuinely green option can be overwhelming. To help you cut through the noise, here are essential tips on choosing eco-friendly office furniture.

  1. Research Your Options

You’ll have overwhelming options when you search for sustainable office furniture. But don’t let that scare you. Never settle for the first sustainable office chair you find. You want to compare your options and thoroughly research the item. 

Check customer reviews and testimonials. These can provide you with genuine insights about office furniture. Most importantly, consider the provider. Generally, you want to find a reputable office furniture provider. You want to find a provider or manufacturer that incorporates sustainability in their practices and office furniture, ensuring you truly get a green product. You don’t want to be tricked or scammed into buying cheap furniture that negatively impacts the environment.

Numerous online providers sell eco-friendly options, like Freedman’s Office Furniture, at You need to be patient when finding the right supplier.

  1. Check The Lifespan

Durability and longevity are critical considerations in terms of eco-friendly procurement. If office furniture is built to last, it won’t contribute to business waste and will end up in a landfill any time soon. 

A reputable manufacturer like Freedman’s Office Furniture is committed to reducing waste by providing pieces built to last. They often offer extended warranties of 5-10 years, ensuring these pieces last longer and provide more sustainability value. 

Just think how much waste you reduce by procuring one office chair in your working life instead of two or three. Did you know manufacturing an average office chair can produce over 70 kilos of carbon dioxide? 

If you buy cheap and less durable ones and replace them every few years, you’re essentially repeating that high carbon emissions. However, buying quality furniture can significantly reduce the need to procure new ones, ultimately helping minimize your carbon footprint. 

  1. Examine The Materials

While most people look at the style or color of furniture when shopping, a conscious buyer looks closely at the materials used. Generally, the materials of office furniture dictate just how sustainable they are. 

Is the office furniture made of sustainable materials like reclaimed wood or recycled material? Some manufacturers use flawed wood pieces or factory material scraps to create sustainable designs. Opt for renewable materials like bamboo, which grows more quickly and long-lasting, for an office desk or wool and other natural fabrics for your furniture upholstery. 

In addition to the raw material used, check how the materials are manufactured. Most providers use chemicals during the manufacturing process. Chemicals like polishes, flame retardants, and adhesives negatively impact the environment and pose health risks in the office. Always look for furniture tested for chemical safety standards or use fewer chemicals during production.

  1. Opt For Local Furniture

Buying furniture made from local materials and manufacturers is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint in your furniture choices. Using local, sustainable office furniture also helps avoid the unnecessary transport of the item across multiple states or countries. Long-distance shipping is considered one of the biggest producers of greenhouse gases. So, by buying locally, you can keep your environmental impact low.

Shopping locally also supports local businesses and contributes to your community and economy. It also gives you better transparency on your purchase since you can personally see the furniture and understand how it’s made or check the materials used. 

  1. Upcycle And Reuse

Although recyclable symbols and green credentials are must-haves when looking for sustainable office furniture, sometimes it’s more sustainable not to buy a new one at all. After all, the most eco-friendly furniture options are those that you already have.  

Check your current office furniture and determine how it can be reused and repurposed in the office. Generally, outdated or worn-out pieces can be refurbished or reinvented with creativity to give them a new lease on life. For instance, a dull wooden desk can be repainted or covered in wallpaper to make it look new. 

Maximizing the use and lifespan of your existing office furniture helps reduce waste and contribute to a better environment while saving costs


Whether you’re updating or refurbishing your office space, sustainability is fast becoming a critical factor for businesses. While there are a lot of options available today, choosing sustainable office furniture doesn’t have to be overwhelming. 

With the above tips and strategies, you can help create a sustainable workplace, helping reduce your overall business’s carbon footprint and preserve the environment for future generations.

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