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I thought you might find this helpful if you're looking to publish a bestselling book.

Steve Martile from Inspired Solutions offers a 90-day "Bestseller By Design" program that helps you:

 - Go from a blank page to a fully published book quickly and easily.
- Add "Bestselling Author" to your bio and resume.
- Leverage your book for greater credibility and influence in your industry.
- Unlock hidden marketing opportunities that are only available with a book.
- Greatly increase your exposure with international book sales.

Here’s What You Don’t Do:

>> No overwhelm trying to organize and structure your book.
>> No spending hours blogging or publishing content online.
>> No guessing if your book will attract your dream clients.
>> No struggling to get reviews.
>> No wasting a lot of time with long, tedious writing sessions.

Your job:  follow the plan to go from a blank page to a fully published, bestselling book in 90 days.

How is this different?

Three things:

1) They will personally work with you so that your first draft is complete within 30 days, and your book is published on Amazon as a best seller within 90 days 100% guaranteed.

2) If you follow their program and do the work and you haven't created a best-selling book within 90 days... then they will continue to work with you, and support you until you do. As long as you commit to doing the work, they guarantee that you will get results from the program.

3) Their team will represent your book to 1,300+ international publishers to solicit an international publishing deal with cash in advance directly to you.

Learn more about Steve's program here:

Kind regards,

Martin Signer
Managing Director

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