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marcus evans

Privately held
1001 – 5000 employees



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Marcus Evans proudly brings you the Private Wealth Management APAC Summit is the premium forum bringing elite buyers and sellers together. As an invitation-only event taking place behind closed doors, the summit offers regional SFOs, MFOs, wealth advisors, and international fund managers and consultants an intimate environment for a focused discussion of key new drivers shaping wealth preservation

Investor type

Investment consultant

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Investment interests

Asset class

Commodities/cryptocurrencies,  Equity,  Fixed income,  Hedge funds/trading,  Insurance-linked securities (ILS),  Multi-asset,  Private capital,  Real estate

Investment vehicle

  • Pooled investments
  • Foundations
  • Private
  • Investment club
  • Stock, mutual fund or bond investment clubs
  • Business investment clubs
  • Hybrid investment clubs
  • Open-Ended Management Investment Companies
  • Closed-Ended Management Investment Companies
  • UIT (unit investment trust)
  • Fund of Funds
  • Trust
  • Direct investments
  • Segregated/managed accounts
  • Structured products
  • Investment products
  • Leverage products
  • Derivatives (non-structured products)
  • Options
  • Other investment vehicles

Investment region

  • Global
  • Global diversified markets
  • Global diversified
  • Global ex USA (diversified)
  • Americans
  • OECD diversified
  • Global developed markets
  • G7
  • G20
  • Global developed markets diversified
  • Global emerging markets
  • Global emerging markets (diversified)
  • MINT
  • Next Eleven
  • EAGLEs
  • NEST
  • Emerging markets ex Asia
  • Emerging markets ex MENA
  • Global frontier markets
  • Global frontier markets (diversified)
  • Global non-classified markets
  • Global non-classified markets diversified
  • Europe
  • Developed European countries
  • European diversified markets
  • Frontier European countries
  • Emerging European countries
  • Non-classified European countries
  • Asia
  • Diversified Asian markets
  • Developed Asian countries
  • Emerging Asian countries
  • Frontier Asian countries
  • Non-classified Asian countries
  • MENA
  • Diversified MENA Markets
  • Developed MENA countries
  • Frontier MENA countries
  • Emerging MENA countries
  • Non-classified MENA countries
  • Australia and Oceania
  • APAC developed markets
  • APAC diversified markets
  • APAC non-classified markets
  • North America
  • Developed Northern American countries
  • Diversified Northern American markets
  • Emerging Northern American countries
  • Non-classified Northern American countries
  • South America
  • Diversified Southern American markets
  • Emerging Southern American countries
  • Frontier Southern American countries
  • Non-classified Southern American countries
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Emerging Sub-Saharan countries
  • Diversified Sub-Saharan markets
  • Frontier Sub-Saharan countries
  • Non-classified Sub-Saharan countries
  • Central America and the Caribbean
  • Diversified CAC countries
  • Emerging CAC countries
  • Frontier CAC countries
  • Non-classified CAC countries

Considered legal/investment requirements


Both possible

Track record

Minimal required market cap/AuM

$50m – 100m


Shahlini Muniandy
Senior Marketing Executive

Debbie Sacal
Marketing Manager

Angy Odysseos
Digital Media & PR Executive

Isidora Avraam
Media & PR