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Privately held; Founded in 2005
1 - 5 employees



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Investor profile

We search for investments and provide therefore the platform SmartMoneyMatch

Investor type

Investing in own interest and as investment consultant

Overall investment size in USD

More than $1bn

Average investment size in USD

$200,000 till $500,000

Investment interests

Asset class

Commodities/cryptocurrencies, Equity, Fixed income, Hedge funds/trading, Insurance-linked securities (ILS), Multi-asset, Private capital, Real estate

Considered legal/investment requirements


Both possible


Martin Signer activities: Managing Director, IR, test, Testing, Testing, Participant, Partner, Media partner, Media partner, Event manager, Events, Tester, Event listing, Tester, IR, IR, Test, Managing Director, IR, IR, IR, IR Partner, Partner, Employer, IR, IR, IR, IR, IR, IR, IR, IR, Managing Director, Managing Director, IR, IR, IR, Promotion, Promotion
Martin Signer
Managing Director

Pradeep Dangwal activities: Software Developer
Pradeep Dangwal
Software Developer

Sanjeev Dhiman activities: Designer

Nicolas MILLE activities: Accélérateur de Projets
Nicolas MILLE
Francophone communication

Jessica Picazzo activities: Managing director
Jessica Picazzo
Spanish Communication

Samantha Lee activities: Business Development
Samantha Lee
Business Development