Community-Based Marketing (CBM) for financial companies


You'll probably be familiar with account-based marketing
(ABM), an approach that sees sales and marketing teams work together to engage with highly targeted accounts.

Are you also familiar with the term
community-based marketing (CBM)? 

Adopted correctly, it is a very helpful tool for B2B marketing in the investment industry. In a B2B context, a ‘community’ is a group of professionals drawn together by a shared interest and held together over time by mutual support or benefit.

Community-based marketing brings professionals together around a shared practice or area of expertise to create closer, and more valuable, relationships with prospects and customers.

By building connections in a professional environment, you can create more valuable relationships with prospects and customers. The focus lies on building deeper relationships and facilitating meaningful engagements through conversations and networking.

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Martin Signer
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The SmartMoneyMatch event platform

If you see events like The SmartMoneyMatch Capital Introduction SummitThe SmartMoneyMoneyMatch Fall Summit, or the upcoming SmartMoneyMatch Year-End Summit offer the perfect community-based marketing opportunities.

You can also organize your virtual, hybrid, or in-person event, using the SmartMoneyMatch event platform as the venue.

Advantages for event organizers:

  • A dedicated fully responsive event website
  • Option to list different categories of sponsors/partners.
  • Option to showcase speakers.
  • Agenda with the option for streaming virtual or hybrid events.
  • No-commission* ticketing where you can choose the required forms for attendees to submit.
  • As many attendees already have a profile, you will receive better and more detailed data.
  • Attendees management.
  • You can directly collect and download the data from the attendees.
  • Growing your audience organically and get bookmarked in the event calendar
  • Option for a (media)partnership with SmartMoneyMatch.
  • Very affordable partner mail options with a 67% discount to your target audience in the investment industry. 
  • Compliant with the strictest privacy policy rules like GDPR.
  • Having the platform integrated with the biggest global event calendar for the investment industry.
  • Easy set-up. Just select on  " 
We can’t wait to see the events you host on SmartMoneyMatch.
Create your event now

*There is no commission for complimentary tickets and paid events for premium users. For non-premium users for paid events, there is a 20% handling fee.

Advantages for sponsors

Advantages for attendees

  • No need to fill forms again and again. Your forms will be pre-populated and you can use your existing profile on SmartMoneyMatch for registering for an event.
  • Network with other participants before, during, and after the event.
  • No need for any downloads. Everything is browser-based and 100% responsive.
  • Build your lasting network and profit from the in-built CMS tool.

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