The SmartMoneyMatch Capital Introduction Summit

10:30  GMT

Event introduction

Explanation about the platform SmartMoneyMatch and how to use it. SmartMoneyMatch connects the global investment community. It is free to use and offers the following opportunities. 

SmartMoneyMatch connects the global investment community.


It is free to use and offers the following opportunities. Go to:


• to browse and to list investment products.

• to find investors, create a Request for Proposals (RFPs), or reply to one.

• to find investment service providers with the required expertise or to list your offerings.

• to browse organizations and present yours.

• to search for and to announce events.

• for hosting events.

• to browse for jobs or to list your vacancies.

• to find and connect with other professionals.

Additionally, all users have a company and a personal profile page where their activities or offerings—as an asset manager, investor, or service provider—are displayed.

Register now free on


14:00  GMT

The discovery of RBC new function

Prof. Rafea presents Erythra Inc. as a promising startup. Erythra introduces a new line of products based on the understanding of the mechanism of immune tolerance. The number of products is innumerable. The first final product is a comprehensive test for TB diagnosis in humans and bovine. Prototypes tests for diagnosis of COVID-19 and Colorectal cancer are available, too.


14:00  GMT

Measure the un-measurable: Intellectual Capital

How can we – jointly – reach out to offer the VCs ( in general ) the possibilities of the usage of Intellectual Capital?


14:00  GMT

Economic Outlook and Investment Strategy: The Great Reopening

The slides are available here.

Remark: These are the views of the research team in the bank J Safra Sarasin, and do not necessarily reflect how the portfolios are positioned.


Global Macro

  • Global inventory restocking, $2.8trn of fiscal support, and possibly another big US infrastructure bill later this year should support a strong global recovery this year and next, despite slowing momentum in China.
  • European governments will remove restrictions only very gradually given the more contagious strains of the virus and a slow start of the vaccination campaign. But a wider distribution of vaccines later this year sets the stage for a broad economic recovery in Europe too.
  • Inflation to be volatile this year due to base effects. The release of pent-up demand in 2H21 and some capacity constraints in sectors that have been hit hard by the crisis should lead to higher inflation going into 2022.
  • The expected increase in US inflation is likely to be more persistent than what the Fed currently implies. Still, its new framework means that it will probably raise rates a bit later and a bit more gradually than what is currently priced in.


Asset class views


Fixed income

  • Prefer short over a long duration, TIPS over nominals
  • Prefer High Yield to Investment Grade in credit

Global equities

  • Balance of risks shifting as macro momentum is closer to the peak.
  • Reduce cyclical exposure and add attractively valued defensives (e.g. European pharma)


  • Near term, rising yields constitute USD upside risk
  • Medium-term, USD to resume to its downward trend, cyclical currencies to benefit


Asset allocation

  • Bonds: Underweight
  • Equities: Overweight equities, with a focus on Europe, reduce cyclical exposure, downgrade Financials and Energy to neutral


14:00  GMT

Disrupting supply chain finance through neobanking

Discussion of Asit Beesen with Mohan Anem regarding neobanking and its future.


15:00  GMT

Quantitative Investing: Turning the Odds of Success

Quantitative and macro investing enables to turn the odds of success into the investor favor while eliminating any emotional bias associated with the process of investing. Statistical analysis of the price action enables to find patterns. These patterns can be then used to define: entry and exit points and position size. The approach allows generating positive returns independently of the market direction. In this presentation, Alpha Growth Capital will review why quant investing might have a hedge vs. strategic market bets, the statistical-based approach used for its core strategy NEXT-alpha and the pros’ and con’s associated with more sophisticated methods like machine and deep learning.


15:00  GMT

The vulnerability of the asset management industry for cyber attacks

This session addresses, how criminals are specifically targeting and monetizing the asset management industry for cyber attacks.