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COVID-19 has presented a defining moment for digital transformation. Financial institutions that invested in digital over the past several years were more prepared to respond to the crisis. For those organizations that had not invested in digital transformation, the crisis exposed gaps in capabilities.

Financial marketers were immediately thrust into the spotlight, as products and solutions were being rebuilt for a much more digital future. Instead of selling products, marketers focused on educating consumers on digital options, retaining relationships, and strengthening brands, while realizing they were unprepared to deliver the level of personalized messages to consumers that they expected.

While marketing budgets rose with the onset of the pandemic, most financial marketers believe budgets will be reduced soon. Doing more with less will be a challenge given how much needs to be done.

It is clear that many of the shifts in consumer behavior, marketing spend, solution prioritization, use of data and technology, and even marketing talent deployment will unlikely revert to pre-pandemic norms. Some of these changes represent accelerations of previous trends, while some are new trends altogether. It is yet to be seen the duration of these changes, but each deserves a careful review.

As far as megatrends are concerned, the following should be considered in the future deployment of financial marketing resources:

  • Shift to digital. While not every client will want to do all of their interactions digitally, most will expect that option in the online directories for finding investmentsservice providersopen vacancies, the respective organization- and decision-makers profiles, but also for investment procurement.
  • Contextual engagement. The expectation of real-time personalized offers and messages has increased dramatically. This requires a 360-degree view of the customer journey and advanced analytics to deliver solutions across channels.
  • Platformification. As has been done in other industries, financial institutions need to look beyond the standard set of services and consider platform solutions that assist consumers during select customer journeys.
  • New channel mix. With the potential for many clients to work remotely indefinitely, a new set of delivery channels may include voice devices, new videoconferencing options, IoT devices, TV screens, and entertainment platforms.
  • Focus on brand value. Social consciousness, sustainability, and brand accountability have experienced a surge in importance as a result of COVID-19 and recent social eventsOrganizations will need to put words into action.
  • Enhanced privacy and security. With increased sharing of data and the use of digital channels, cybersecurity becomes paramount. Transparency about how data and privacy is being protected will fall into marketing’s lap.

Financial marketing is entering a new digital era, ready or not. This will impact the channels selected, the technologies used, and the importance of having the appropriate talent to meet the needs of the future.

This is occurring with the reality that everything we know today could change in a ‘pandemic moment’ if another major shift in fortunes occurs.

Kind regards,

Martin Signer
Managing Director

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