The Belt and Road Initiative Summit

The Belt and Road Initiative Summit organized by Belt and Road Initiative Platform


Recent regulation has created two distinct innovation and technology investment opportunities within China.
While the scale of the measures introduced by Chinese regulators this year was extensive, they intend to tackle issues that present potential threats to Chinas long-term sustainable growth. As it looks like we may have reached the finish line for new regulation, leading China internet companies like Alibaba, Baidu, and Tencent are still trading at multi-year valuation discounts.
At the same time, the trade/tech conflict with the United States woke China up to the importance of self-sufficiency and becoming a leader in core technology areas. This need gave rise to Chinas STAR Market, a Nasdaq-style board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange geared toward facilitating capital raising for leading companies in science, innovation, and technology. China is creating a fertile environment for these strategic companies to succeed, presenting a long-term growth opportunity.
Join us for this summit with the topics:
How regulation in China is driving innovation and sustainable growth
Opportunities within Chinas internet and technology sectors
How will reforms in the short and long term impact industry and growth?
Learn how to access these distinct China innovation and technology opportunities.


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