2020 Investment Year Review


It is rather basic to say that 2020 has been a challenging and unusual year for many. 

But in reality, it was still a year. Successful fundraising happened. Banks and FinTech companies still entered into partnerships. Events and conferences still happened.

While all firms search to establish a new normal, one thing is certain, selling in the current COVID-19 market and a post-pandemic market will be different. Companies have had to change the way that they are selling to customers, as they can no longer depend on the face-to-face sales model that has been successful in the past. COVID-19 may have forever changed the sales engagement process, but your team’s sales targets must still be met. 

In the financial services industry, innovation is not just limited to products and services. Over the years, ingenious solutions have been envisaged in the fundraising and financing space as well. Considering the integral role that the financial services industry plays as a conduit between suppliers of capital and users of capital, innovation in this space becomes of utmost importance. 

With SmartMoneyMatch we help to make this process more efficient, as you can browse and list investments, create a request for proposal, search service providers or offer your services, connect with and message other users, search for and announce relevant events (we also do media partnerships), find jobs, post vacancies or publish articles. In addition, all users have a profile page where their activities—as an investor, asset manager, or service provider—can be described and can be listed in the searchable business directory.

Membership comes at no charge.

Register now on (if you haven’t already done so).

All the best for the (hopefully less restricted) year 2021!

Martin Signer
Managing Director

SmartMoneyMatch is your marketing partner in the investment industry

With a network of 800,000+ professionals in the investment industry, SmartMoneyMatch helps you with your marketing efforts by putting your offers in front of the right audience. You can list:

• Your organization on in the business and service provider directories.

• Your offered investments on that others can browse for suitable options.

• An RFP on for your investment procurement.

• Your events on to be found in the event calendar.

• Your vacancies on to attract talent.

• Your banners on to get seen by the right professionals.

As SmartMoneyMatch runs—analogous to LinkedIn or Facebook—a freemium model, you can decide whether to use the complimentary listings and get some visibility or use the pay-per-click option where you can define your click rate and a maximum budget to get increased visibility. You will only be charged for the realized clicks.

We also offer the following opportunities for mailings that can go out to 800,000+ professionals:

• ​​​​​​These can e.g., be presented as featured investments in our 800,000+ subscriber English newsletter for 900 EUR.

• Dedicated partner emails that start from 60 EUR/1,000 subscribers. These emails can be segmented by country and language (English, German, French, and Spanish). For bigger segments, we give discounts of up to 8,700 EUR for the whole database of more than 800,000 subscribers.

• We can also offer other options like e.g., presenting your organization in our English, German, French, or Spanish newsletter. Interested? Do not hesitate to contact Martin Signer, +41433331038,
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