Agenda: SmartMoneyMatch Fall Summit | Smart Money Match

SmartMoneyMatch Fall Summit

10:00  UK, Ireland, Lisbon Time

Welcome remarks and conference opening

SmartMoneyMatch connects the global investment community.


It is free to use and offers the following opportunities. Go to:


• to browse and to list investment products.

• to find investors, create a Request for Proposals (RFPs), or reply to one.

• to find investment service providers with the required expertise or to list your offerings.

• to browse organizations and present yours.

• to search for and to announce events.

• for hosting events.

• to browse for jobs or to list your vacancies.

• to find and connect with other professionals.


Additionally, all users have a company and a personal profile page where their activities or offerings—as an asset manager, investor, or service provider—are displayed.


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11:00  UK, Ireland, Lisbon Time

EXANTE - Simona Stankovska discusses opportunities with Jason Keogh

Everyone who qualifies as an EXANTE client can benefit from broad market accessibility, advantageous execution technology, accessible financing, and support from EXANTE’s investment team. Our clients are professional investors, investment service companies, brokerage companies, asset management companies, hedge funds, and monetary financial institutions.

Get in contact for more information and opening an account now.


13:30  UK, Ireland, Lisbon Time

13:30  UK, Ireland, Lisbon Time

14:00  UK, Ireland, Lisbon Time

14:30  UK, Ireland, Lisbon Time

14:30  UK, Ireland, Lisbon Time

15:00  UK, Ireland, Lisbon Time

15:30  UK, Ireland, Lisbon Time

The opportunities offered by the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) to International companies and Investors

Gain insight into the opportunities for investment and collaboration along the Belt and Road. Deepen the understanding of key stakeholders of the (ETCZs) on the competitive edge of investment opportunities and explore potential development opportunities.

Due to high demand, we will have a separate conference on October 5th.


15:30  UK, Ireland, Lisbon Time

16:00  UK, Ireland, Lisbon Time

End of event networking with the speakers and fellow attendees

After two days full of insights connect with fellow attendees and speakers and forge lasting business relationships.

The network area will stay open.


16:00  UK, Ireland, Lisbon Time

16:00  UK, Ireland, Lisbon Time

16:30  UK, Ireland, Lisbon Time

End of first day networking

After a day full of insights connect with fellow attendees and speakers and forge lasting business relationships.